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What Surface Can You Place a Skip On?

So you want to order a skip and dispose of your waste the sensible way? Great. We’ll make sure that you get the ideal skip for the right price. But more than this, we want to make sure your experience goes as smoothly as possible and help you keep your project on track.

One aspect you may be forgiven for overlooking as part of skip hire is what type of surface you should place it on. We’ve covered a range of tips before on preparing for your skip, but it’s crucial to think about the weight of a skip, how long it will be on your property and what impact it could have on different surfaces. That’s why we’re covering them in this piece for skips, along with what your responsibilities are, leaving you more informed about the process and fully prepared for your skip delivery.

Placing a skip on a driveway

Requesting your skip to be placed on your driveway is one of the most common and easy options; there’s usually plenty of room and it avoids the need for a permit. One thing to bear in mind is how heavy the skip is and the extra weight it will gain as you fill it with waste.

Many driveways can withstand this weight easily, but it’s up to you as the customer to decide if this is an adequate surface before requesting it be placed there. You should also keep in mind that, if you have a shared driveway, you will need to speak to your neighbour about your intention to keep a skip on the driveway and ensure it won’t encroach onto their half of the space.


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Placing a skip on grass

Placing a skip on your grass or lawn is ideal if you plan to redesign your garden or if your grass has already seen better days. You need to make sure that the land itself is flat and stable enough to withstand the weight of the skip, and it also needs to be land that legally belongs to you for us to be able to place it there.

If you’ve worked hard to get a plush, green lawn, then you may not want to place a skip on it for very long. It’s not all bad news though, since you can have a skip for a day or two on a robust lawn and have it collected without much long-term damage to the grass. You may need to brush or rake the area but it should recover naturally in time if the skip isn’t in place for very long. (Note: the choice to place a skip on your grass is always your responsibility).

Placing a skip in the road

Skips can definitely be placed on most roads, usually as the last resort or where there is no driveway or front lawn i.e. terraced houses. This is because a skip permit will be required from your local authority, allowing them to check that the highway won’t be impacted in relation to traffic or in terms of the stability of the surface.

At SCS Waste, our specialist team can help you determine if this is something you require and can take care of the application on your behalf, with payment taken in advance. This takes the pressure off your hands and ensures you have the right permit ready for your skip.

Placing a skip on tarmac

As with a driveway, if you want to place a skip on a patch of tarmac, you need to make sure it can take the weight, as a heavy skip will only get heavier once filled up. The tarmac should also be your legal property, as we cannot place a skip on a public pavement.


Unfortunately, we’re not able to assess the structural integrity of your driveway, lawn, road or tarmac. Therefore, the responsibility lies with you to check that your chosen surface is suitable, as well as for obtaining appropriate insurance cover for any damage to curbing, pavement and driving surfaces in relation to the weight of our skips. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.

If you have any questions when you book your skip or ahead of the arrival of your skip from us, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve got a friendly, experienced and professional team on hand to deal with your queries and questions

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