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What Is The UK Landfill Tax?

Disposing of waste comes with a cost. If you’re using landfill sites for waste disposal, then you will need to pay landfill tax on top of base landfill fees. 

To help you understand your tax responsibilities when it comes to using landfill, we’ve created this article to cover your most pressing questions. 


What is the UK landfill tax? 

If your business is disposing of waste at a landfill site, then you will need to pay landfill tax, which is a separate charge additional to landfill fees. 

Landfill tax needs to be paid regardless of whether you are disposing at an authorised or unauthorised site. It is strongly advised that you avoid disposing at unauthorised sites, so always check a site’s credentials first. 

Who pays landfill tax? 

Businesses and organisations that use landfill sites will need to pay landfill tax. Likewise, operators or licence holders of a landfill site will also need to pay. 

Owners of households do not have to pay landfill tax as their local council has the responsibility of waste collection and disposal. 

Why is landfill tax charged? 

Landfill tax is charged with the purpose of being a deterrent to using landfill sites, and to encourage businesses and organisations to opt for more eco-friendly methods of waste disposal, such as recycling and re-use. This is because landfill is ultimately an unsustainable technique that the government is actively trying to discourage. 

The landfill tax also encourages businesses to purchase and use recyclable materials in the first place in order to cut down on single-use waste, and ultimately to encourage more sustainable waste management approaches from being taken within businesses. 

How much is landfill tax in 2023? 

Landfill tax is charged by weight and is increased annually every April. 

As of April 2023, standard landfill tax rates are £102.10 per tonne. A lower rate of tax is charged for inert or inactive waste, such as metal, wood and construction material, which is priced at £3.25 per tonne. 

What are the alternatives to landfill? 

If you want to boost your green credentials and avoid paying landfill fees and taxes, you should review and change your waste management plan. 

Choose recyclable materials and make efforts to recycle and reuse as many materials as possible. A waste management company, such as the team here at SCS Waste, can provide comprehensive recycling services using a state-of-the-art recycling centre to make it easy to manage your waste with sustainability in mind – all while minimising your landfill tax. 

Arrange recycling and waste management services with the experts. Here at SCS Waste, our mission is to recycle as much as possible. This ethos has seen us help businesses recycle their waste for over 20 years. We serve sites across Arundel, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas. Just get in touch to discuss your needs.