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Skip Hire Guide 2022

Firstly, from everyone here at SCS Waste, we want to wish you a Happy New Year for 2022. It’s a new year and – hopefully – a fresh start for many of us.

While it feels as though the issues in the news will continue to rumble on, there is one thing that we all have in common: waste. Whether you’re having a clear-out of your garage or attic this year, or you’ve got big plans for renovating different parts of the home and garden, you’ll end up with lots of waste that won’t fit into your ordinary bin.

A great way to dispose of your waste is through skip hire, but you might not be very familiar with this service, or it may have been a while since you last hired one. So, to help guide you and answer all the common questions, we’ve put together a handy skip hire guide for 2022. 

Let’s keep things clean, clear and hassle-free this year!


Do I Need A Skip? 

Skip hire is a simple solution when you’ve got more waste than you know what to do with. For many people, it’s a great alternative to making multiple, messy trips to the local authority site (in some cases it may not even be that local!). 

So whether you need a skip is up to you, but if you’ve got more than your bin can handle, the answer is likely a ‘yes’. It makes things easy and, with a licensed waste carrier such as ourselves, means you get peace of mind knowing you’re doing things the right way.

The next thing to think about is what size skip you need.

What Skip Size Do I Need?

Skips can come in a variety of sizes, from the mini ones to the massive ones – it all depends on what suits your requirements best. If you get a skip that is too large, you’ll have wasted money, but if it’s too small, you waste money as well, since you’ll probably have to hire a second one.

Here are some of our basic skip sizes along with a rough idea of how many bags of waste they can hold. This should help you to decide which skip size might best suit what you’re doing.

  • 2 Cubic yards – equivalent to 45 bin bags
  • 4 Cubic yards – equivalent to 85 bin bags
  • 6 Cubic yards – equivalent to 123 bin bags
  • 8 Cubic yards – equivalent to 175 bin bags
  • 12 Cubic yards – equivalent to 250 bin bags

For larger jobs, we provide roll on roll off skips (sometimes called RORO skips) and these can be anywhere between 15 to 35 yards.

Picked your skip size? Great, let’s talk about where it can be placed.

Where can I put a skip?

The easiest place to put a skip is on your own land, since it won’t involve permits (don’t worry, we’ll cover that next). 

Your garden or your driveway is the best place if you have the room for the skip size you’ve chosen. If you’re worried about damage caused by the weight of the skip, just let us know and we’ll ensure care is taken to avoid this.

If there isn’t room on your land, you’ll need to have the skip placed outside your property on the road (you can’t block the pavement or footpath with your skip), but this requires a skip permit. Don’t worry – it’s not a huge stumbling block, and at SCS Waste, we can help!

Do I need a skip permit?

If you’re having your skip placed in the road then yes, you will likely need a permit. This is so that the local authorities know how many skips will be on the road at any given time and when. It helps with things like traffic diversions and other works that might be going on around that time.

We’ve written more about skip hire permits before – you can read that piece here – but the great news is that we’re always happy to help arrange the right skip permit when you come to us.

What can and can’t go in a skip?

Finally, it’s probably worth finding out what can and can’t go in a skip. This is dictated by rules and regulations on hazardous materials and some skip companies may vary in regards to what they’ll deal with, but here is what we can and can’t accept:

Yes please:

  • Bricks
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Plastics
  • Soil
  • PVC
  • Glass

No thanks:

  • Batteries
  • Mattresses 
  • Fridges & Freezers
  • Paint
  • Asbestos
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Tree Roots
  • Computers
  • Tyres
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Medical Waste
  • Plasterboard

That’s it! Those are all the basic things you need to know before getting started with skip hire for your 2022 plans. If you need any more information, or if you’d like to book a skip in Arundel, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis or the surrounding areas, simply give our team a call.

We’re always here to help make disposing of your waste as easy as possible – you can even book your skip with us online once you’re ready if you’d prefer.