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How to Reduce your Trade Waste

With the push for saving the planet growing ever stronger, many businesses are reducing their waste output to relieve the strain on landfill and to contribute to a more sustainable future. In line with this, single-use resources and linear processes are now being ditched in favour of recycling and circular processes. 

In this article, we’ll explore how you can reduce your commercial waste through responsible trade waste disposal. 

What is trade waste? 

Trade waste, or commercial waste, refers to any waste produced by the activities of a commercial business or tradesperson as they carry out their services. 

trade waste

How is trade waste collected and recycled? 

Due to the sheer volume of waste produced by most businesses or commercial enterprises, as a business manager or owner, you must have a clear and legally compliant waste management plan in place. 

Part of this will include employing the services of a professional trade waste collection company to make regular collections on agreed dates and times — the company may even provide bins for this purpose. 

Trade waste collection must be carried out by a company with a trade waste license, such as the team here at SCS Waste. It is your responsibility to ensure your chosen waste management company is licensed in this way.  

By ensuring this, you know that your company’s waste will be collected, handled, recycled and disposed of in line with UK waste disposal regulations. Failure to use a licensed waste disposal company could result in unlawful waste disposal which you will ultimately be held legally responsible for, resulting in fines and potentially prosecution. 

How to reduce your trade waste

There are several things you can do as a company to reduce your trade waste, including: 

  • Carry out a waste audit: Conduct a proper audit of all the waste that your company produces, considering type of waste and volume. With this overview, it will be easier to identify where you can make changes or reductions.
  • Choose an eco-friendly waste disposal company: Different waste management companies will handle your waste in different ways. Here at SCS Waste, we aim to divert as much of your trade waste away from landfill to be recycled. By using our services, you can rest assured that your trade waste will not be contributing to the landfill problem and will instead enjoy a second life. 
  • Opt for electronic systems: If you can, go mostly paperless by only printing out documents when absolutely necessary. Instead, try and move your business to being entirely online in its operations. 
  • Phase out single-use plastics: Move away from single-use plastics and instead encourage a company culture of reusable cups, cutlery, plates and water bottles. This might actually be the perfect opportunity to do a bit of extra marketing by issuing staff with a branded reusable coffee cup or water bottles. 
  • Donate as much as possible: Don’t immediately assume that everything you don’t want should be thrown away. Furniture or computers that you no longer have use for could be donated to charities or schemes for someone else to use. 

So now you have an idea of how to reduce your waste, what are the advantages? 

3 benefits of reducing your trade waste 

The benefits of reducing commercial waste are great for both your company and the wider environment, including: 

  • Save money on waste collection or from purchasing single-use items
  • Do your bit for the environment and boost your company’s green credentials
  • Using a licensed waste management company with a good recycling policy will help you comply with government waste regulations

We hope you can see how easy it is to dispose of waste responsibly so just get in touch for help from our team. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly trade waste recycling centre and collection service in Arundel, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and beyond, look no further than SCS Waste. Fully licensed and as one of the region’s leading waste disposal companies, we aim to redirect as much waste as possible away from landfill.

Get in touch to discuss your waste management needs today.


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