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Green Waste: What It Is & How To Dispose of It

While the summer here in the UK has been a little bit hit-and-miss this year, it doesn’t mean there has been any less need to tackle the garden. From mowing the lawn and trimming the hedge to undertaking larger landscaping projects when the sun makes an appearance, it all results in an accumulation of waste.

That’s when the burden of disposing of, and recycling, green waste has to be factored in. 

This month at SCS Waste, we’ll be talking about what green waste is, how you can get rid of it and the benefits of recycling green waste from your garden.

green waste in a wheelbarrow

Green waste explained

Green waste is essentially just organic material from your garden. This includes all those hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, branches, plants, flowers and weeds. 

While you’ll probably have very little green waste in the depths of winter – barring the odd load of grass clippings – summer can bring a huge amount of it because that’s when plants and trees start to flourish. You’ll find yourself wrestling with it even more if you’re undertaking a large garden clearance or landscaping project if you’ve previously neglected your garden even a little.

You could also define green waste as waste that you recycle, since the colour green is synonymous with environmentally friendly practices.

So, what can you do with your green waste? That’s the important question we’ll be answering next.


Disposal for green waste

Have you suddenly got lawn turf you need to get rid of? Or maybe you’ve pulled out old plants and bushes that have seen better days? Whatever garden work you’re carrying out – whether at home or as a professional landscaper – you’re going to need a simple solution to dispose of the waste.

There are several options open to you here, so we’ve outlined them out for you with the positives and negatives of each:

  • Local council bins – Many councils now offer garden waste collections, but the bins might not hold much when it comes to your summer garden work, and they are likely to charge you for multiple bins if you need more capacity. Some local councils also won’t tell you what they do with your waste once collected, since it’s a large operation.

  • Skip hire and professional waste collection – For any amount of green waste, skip hire is a great option. At SCS Waste, we’re a professional waste management company, so you know that we’re aiming to recycle as much of the waste collected as possible. We work hard to avoid sending waste to landfill sites, no matter which of our services you choose and we always provide reliable delivery and collection.

  • Compost it – If you have the time, space and patience, you can create your own composting system for green waste, turning it into truly green, sustainable waste. This can take time, but essentially puts your waste to good use within your own garden if you have one big enough to warrant it.


The benefits of recycling green waste

There are so many benefits to recycling green waste, but the most important one is the environmental benefit. Not only does recycling organic matter from gardens help to avoid this waste type from entering into landfill sites, but it can also get put to use for other gardens and landscaping projects once processed, meaning that it goes back to supporting the environment.

As a business, if you’ve got large quantities of green waste to dispose of, you’ll likely want to keep your waste management costs down. Disposing of your green waste with us at SCS Waste helps you to avoid landfill waste disposal costs. Plus, you’ll also maintain a reputation as a proactive and environment-conscious company — a real boost for any brand these days.


Embrace a better future with green waste collection and green waste skip hire services from SCS Waste today. We serve Arundel, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and the surrounding areas, delivering a reliable, professional service when it comes to your waste. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business or you operate a commercial site, we have several decades of experience and can help you to recycle your green waste for a better future.

Call today to book for green waste disposal or for more information about the waste types we take.


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