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Benefits Of Concrete Pumping

If you’re in need of some concrete being delivered for a project, you may be wondering whether the benefits of a concrete pumping machine are worth the extra expense involved. Before we look at that question directly, let’s take a look at what concrete pumps actually do.

When you need to pour concrete, traditional methods of shifting it such as a wheelbarrow may not always be the quickest, most accurate or most convenient way of getting it where you need it. 

Concrete pumps take the concrete from the mixer and deliver it straight to where you need it, making it far less labour intensive than using wheelbarrows. It’s also a considerably more accurate way of pouring, which means there will be a lot less wastage; as you only pay for what you use, that can make a considerable difference.

Straight away, on many jobs you’ll see an instant saving in both labour, as you’ll be able to redeploy staff away from that task and onto something far more productive, and materials. 

Further benefits are gained from faster application of the concrete and the greater control you have over the quality of the concrete, which is less likely to crack or shrink in the longer term. 

When should you use a concrete pump?

The one time you will definitely need to use a pump is when it’s the only way of getting the concrete where you need it. The mixer truck may not be able to get close enough to the site, or the route from truck to site may not be an easy one and therefore difficult for a wheelbarrow to negotiate. With both boom pumps and line pumps available from SCS Waste, you can pump your concrete into a location up to 120 metres away from the truck.

Naturally, if you need to get your concrete to a site 120 metres away, it’s going to be considerably faster to do it with a pump than with a team of workers with wheelbarrows. And this is perhaps the biggest advantage of all, because using a pump will always be a quicker option, especially if a boom pump is being used, which can deliver high volumes of concrete with impressive accuracy.

How much does concrete pumping cost?

Hiring a pump will be an additional charge, which can vary depending on a number of factors, such as which type of pump you use. However, the time it can save in getting the concrete poured plus the eliminated wastage can quickly make quite a dent in that outlay. When you add in the long-term benefits of a far more durable and high-quality finish, that extra cost starts to look like money well spent versus having to reorder your mix because it was spilled.

On balance, then, you may well find that a concrete pump’s advantages can easily outweigh the extra cost involved. Just give us a call to get a quote for the use of a concrete pump on your project.

Here at SCS Waste, we provide concrete to both domestic and commercial clients in Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Arundel, Worthing, Chichester and the surrounding areas. To find out more about how a concrete pump could benefit your project, get in touch with us today.